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Please Review - Bright Futures Guidelines

Posted by  admin  Jul 15, 2015

Bright Futures Guidelines are the standards of care developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics for doctors to use in promoting health and preventing disease.  Comments from the public are now being sought through July 29, 11:49am EDT on this 4th edition of the guidelines.  Your input is important to keep families at the center of children's health care.


We are indebted for your willingness to serve as a reviewer of the Fourth Edition of the Bright Futures Guidelines for Health Supervision of Infants, Children, and Adolescents and we welcome your input. This document represents the combined efforts of four Age/Stage Expert Panels comprised of pediatricians, family physicians, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, mental health specialists, pediatric dentists and families.

What you will review is a near final draft. This is a review for accuracy, completeness, citation updates and consistency with your organizations policy. General comments can no longer be integrated into this work at this late stage. We are soliciting your suggestions for content and the three co-chairs and expert panel members will take them into consideration.

This review is web-based only. We are unable to process hard copy comments.

Direct Link: http://review.aap.org/BrightFutures/Guidelines/ (or via the home page of the Bright Futures Web site)
The review is organized in the following manner:
•        12 health promotion themes
•        32 visits (prenatal and 31 well-child care visits)

Helpful Hints:

  • Registration: All reviewers are required to electronically register. You will receive a confirmation email that will assign a password. Once your account is established, you will need to click the User Agreement every time you sign in. If you forget your password, there is a “Forgot Your Password” link on the home page.
  • PLEASE "SAVE" YOUR COMMENTS OFTEN: You will review and submit comments electronically. You can return and edit any time during the review process. As you work on your responses, you can save what you have typed and return to it at a later time to continue. You will be able to view or revise your previously saved comments up until the closing date. It is possible that your Internet server provider can log you off your Internet connection without warning if you are working on one Web page for too long a period.
  • Additional Citations: Only complete citations can be accepted, and you will be prompted to easily provide full reference information.
  • Completeness (Adding or deleting content): Where you propose a wording change, you will be prompted to provide clearer, more concise or more accurate wording.
  • Consistency with Policy: Where you feel these Guidelines fail to conform to your own views or to a policy of the organization you represent, please make the desired changes AND state why the change is important. If you are quoting a policy published by your organization it is essential that you quote and cite the policy. Web citations are acceptable, but confirm the date accessed.
  • PDFs: The Guidelines are formatted PDF documents. Please refer to the line numbers on the left hand side of the document when adding your comments. Please note that these documents are embargoed.