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New Bright Futures Video

Posted by  admin  Sep 1, 2015

Each year millions of children miss immunizations, screenings and well visits despite the lifelong benefits of preventive care in childhood. The Affordable Care Act expands coverage of all preventive services recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics in the Bright Futures guidelines. Yet a recent survey found that 57 percent of families are still unaware that these benefits are available free of charge through their health plans.

This webinar explored private and public health plan strategies for improving parental education on preventive care and supporting and encouraging providers in ensuring their young patients receive recommended preventive services.

Speakers covered the following:

  • an overview of the Bright Futures guidelines and the value of these services for lifelong health
  • how health plans can promote Bright Futures through their provider networks and directly to members
  • a peer-learning program for providers that is helping clinicians put Bright Futures recommendations into practice
  • Medicaid managed care plan strategies to improve pediatric preventive care


Learn more, download the presentation slides, and access the video at: http://www.nashp.org/ensuring-bright-futures-for-our-nations-children-health-plan-strategies-for-improving-pediatric-preventive-care/