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INFANCY: Newborn Visit

Getting Ready for this Visit


baby holding mom's fingerCongratulations! The birth of a baby is an exciting time. Once you're at home with your baby, you may have lots of questions. Write them down—the newborn visit is a good time to ask. And remember—while your health care provider is the medical expert, you will become the expert about your baby. Help your health care provider get to know your newborn.

Babies with special needs: You may have many questions and concerns as you plan ahead. Your health care provider can help with needed resources.

At this age, your baby may:

  • Hear your voice
  • See your face and objects about 8 inches away
  • Turn head towards your nipple or the bottle (the "rooting" instinct)
  • Recognize the smell of your milk
  • Communicate through body language, fussing, or crying
  • Feel safe and secure when held close


What's Important for this Visit

YOUR questions and concerns are the #1 priority! Your health care provider may also discuss:

  • Family readiness: family support; mother's wellness; brothers and sisters
  • Infant behaviors: what your baby can do; where and how he should sleep; sleep/wake patterns; ways to calm a fretful newborn; jaundice
  • Feeding: knowing when your infant is hungry, full, and has had enough fluids; holding and burping during feedings; guidance for breastfeeding or formula
  • Safety: car safety seats; avoiding tobacco smoke; preventing falls; home safety
  • Routine baby care: baby supplies to have on hand; skin care; preventing illness; where to get help when you need it


The Newborn Visit: What To Expect

Your baby's health care provider will get to know you and your baby—your pregnancy, labor, and delivery; your expectations as parents; the support you'll have when you bring your baby home. She'll check your baby from head to toe and perform important screening tests (hearing and any required in your state).

  • Immunizations: See chart for any needed at this age.