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ADOLESCENCE: School Responsibilities


  • mother and father with son and daughter in the kitchen doing homeworkEmphasize the importance of school.
  • Help your teen find subjects she enjoys and can succeed in, as well as some that are interesting and challenging.
  • Monitor and guide your teen as he assumes more responsibility for schoolwork. Many youth need help organizing and setting priorities as they transition to high school.
  • Be ready to help with organizational skills or new activities, such as applying for jobs and college.
  • Help your teen find activities outside of school that interest him, especially if your teen struggles academically.
  • Encourage reading by helping your youth find books, magazines, and websites about subjects of interest. Help him learn about current events, and watch or read the news every day.
  • Help your teen learn how to use the Internet safely and appropriately. Help her learn how to evaluate websites to identify good sites from bad.