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group of childrenThis section of the website looks at health and wellness promotion through four age groups or stages of development: Infancy (birth-11 months), Early Childhood (1-4 years), Middle Childhood (5-10 years), and Adolescence (11-21 years).

In each age section relevant health tips and recommendations are provided on the health and wellness themes: Family Support, Child Development, Mental Health, Healthy Weight, Healthy Food and Eating, Physical Activity, Oral Health, Healthy Sexual Development and Sexuality, Safety and Injury Prevention, and Community Relationships and Resources.

Each stage also includes information on regular well-child visits to the health care provider that promote your child's good health and help prevent disease. These sections cover children's physical and emotional health. Each visit is a chance to work with your child's health care provider as a team, to think about your child and ways to help your child. Your child's health provider may be a pediatrician, family practitioner, physician's assistant, or nurse practitioner. Health visits should provide information and guidance to help you day to day. Each day is a chance to improve the health and well-being of your family!